Glee Awards and Accolades

Since May of 2009, the hit television series, Glee, has won many awards. In fact, as of early 2015 it has been nominated for over 150 awards, and the show has won 70 so far; which is an impressive amount as a whole. This is no surprise to the “Gleeks” as the fans of the show call themselves. With characters that are easy to relate to for anyone and plenty of catchy tunes, it’s easy to get into and look forward to weekly. The beloved show will come to a close on March 20, 2015.

Many actors and actresses have been awarded as well as the show itself. Emmy Awards were given from 2009 to 2014 for Outstanding Actor and Actress in a Comedy Television Series, Outstanding Guest Actor and Actress, Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Directing, and of course Outstanding Comedy Series.
With actors and actresses like Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, and Dianna Agron as well as guest stars like Britney Spears, Kristen Chenoweth, and Neil Patrick Harris it’s no wonder that Glee has been a favorite for so long.

Grammy Awards include Best Compilation Soundtrack, and Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.
Aside from the Grammy and Emmy Awards, Glee has won an astonishing amount of awards from different sources that include but aren’t limited to:
• and Awards for the LGBT community
• Dorian Awards
• Golden Globe
• People’s Choice
• Satellite
• Teen Choice
Of course this doesn’t even touch on the other awards it’s won. With too many to list you owe it to yourself to watch the show, and you can on popular platforms like Netflix, as well as reruns on Fox network. Gleeks will be sure to tune in for the finale, and the show will undoubtedly continue to be watched as a cult classic for many years.


What You Need to Stream Glee?

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The Music of Glee

Glee and the Power of Music

Glee is one of the most popular shows on television, and has been for years. It continues to tug on the heart strings of its viewers through its last season… ever. It’s had a steady run of seasons since its start in 2009. Ryan Murphy, the creator, made it his personal mission to make sure that through every episode and every character debuted that they’d be able to educate, inspire and show the true power of what words, music and friendship can do for anyone—no matter if you’re a student in high school or a full grown adult, these are simple things that don’t change, no matter what your age.

While the original idea of the show was put into question quickly after it aired, the idea of seeing kids sing popular songs at the time wasn’t really a thing of interest for many people. But the voices and characters of the actors and actresses on the show quickly grew on the audience and made the music shown a big success. It has been such a commercial success that with Glee releasing singles every week when an episode airs, that over thirty-six million copies have been purchased digitally through iTunes and the Google Play Store. Along with that, over eleven million albums have been purchased worldwide, and that was just through the 2011 year. The numbers continue to grow and reach new heights with every new season released.

How They Choose Their Songs

Since the show has become such a phenomenon, people were beginning to question how exactly the show producers pick which songs to sing, and how do they always make the mix of melodies work so well within the show and its storylines?

The music for each show is usually chosen after the scripts are written. This way, they get to look it over and pick the songs that best match the show’s plotlines for that week, and pick songs that will match what the characters are going through and feeling. They also like to note that the lyrics from the songs will eventually become extensions of an actor’s dialogue, which ties in to why the song choice is so important to a characters storyline.

Though, songs can simply be added in if one of the producers happens to be walking by and hear a song that one of the actors/actresses are listening to and likes it enough to the point where it’ll be added in, creating a creative and spontaneous feel to each episode.